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- Control and monitoring:
Our agricultural technicians monitor the process of growth from the field to the factory, establishing the optimal times for harvesting and gathering. They advise farmers of any pesticide treatments or fertilization necessary.  

- Sample analysis:
When we receive the alfalfa to the factory, it is weighed and we take samples for analysing. Firstly, a classification of product and quality is performed visually and then instruments such as drying ovens and NIR gauges are used to reliably obtain the moisture content and the amount of protein. These parameters will be essential before beginning the manufacturing process, as well as the classification according to quality and batches.  

- Labelling and traceability:
Once the final product comes out of the baler, moisture is measured again to verify the drying was successful and a label identifying the company, the quality, and the batch. As this way it is possible to control at all times the traceability and to comply with food safety regulations